Rattan Papasan Chairs

giant papasan 003 striped blue and white

A folding papasan chair is sometimes called a satellite dish chair, since its shape may remind you of one. The frame is semi-round, and it supports a comfortable round cushion. These chairs can be bought made of metal, plastic and rattan, and as a rule, the foldable varieties are usually made of plastic or metal, since they can be used to make the frames easier to fold.

These chairs were very popular back in the seventies, and since the nineties, they have made an amazing comeback. You can now find a variety of papasan chair cushions which will appeal to you.

The most common type of papasan chair frames is rattan, since it has a wonderful, tropical look that fits in nicely with sunny rooms. Some chairs have an adjustable backrest angle, although the more popular rattan models do not usually offer this adjustment. You can sometimes buy frames without cushions, too, and then select papasan chair cushions with a print and size that works best for the room you plan to use the chair in.

You can even buy little ottomans to complement your papasan chair, so that people can put their feet up while they relax. The ottomans may have separate cushions that you can buy so that they will match your chairs.

You won’t find a papasan chair at all comfortable without its cushion, even though you can buy them that way, especially if you are buying them used. It’s not usually a problem to purchase a folding papasan chair without a cushion, though, since you can purchase these in pleasing patterns and sizes. If you like the feel of the cushion that is sold with a chair, you can sometimes locate papasan chair cover in other patterns, so you can change the look of your chair.

Papasan chairs are as comfortable as can be, but the cheaper ones may not be as durable as other chair types, especially if they have a rattan frame. The frame can be broken through overuse and abuse, but it’s a safe bet that if people can break these, they may be able to break other furnishings in your home, as well. Teach your children not to jump on furniture, and check the weight restrictions on the chairs when you buy them, to make sure yours will last a long time.

Papasan chairs that are well-manufactured with frames that are more durable may fare better in your home. A papasan chair that is foldable is another option, since they have a collapsible frame that will allow you to stow them away when you aren’t using them. These are not very expensive at all, and you can find them at the larger “big box” stores that handle home furnishings.

These chairs work especially well in dorm rooms, since they will give your son or daughter a comfortable seat, but then can be folded and put away when they are not in use. Family rooms and kids’ rooms are also places where you might expect to find a folding papasan chair, since it is very versatile and can work with many other pieces of furniture.


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