Papasan Moon Chair

There are many furniture designs to be found, but few are as appealing as the papasan moon chair. This chair is a place to be cozy and comfortable, as well as giving your room a cute style touch. Not everyone has probably even heard of papasan chairs, but they’ve won the hearts of lots of fans. They are eye-appealing and a little different than most any other kind of chair.

To liven up a room, you can add papasan chairs in various colors. Some people call this type of chair a papasan bowl chair, due to its shape, and it is round and comfortable-looking. This chair is ideal for family gathering or for having guests over to relax and talk over coffee.

The papasan chair gets its moon and bowl nicknames because of its shape. Though not a style known to everyone, it has come to be more recognizable, since companies are making them again. You can even add extra cushions to increase the level of comfort, and you’ll find that papasan chairs sell very well in the current retro-minded market.

Technologies of today have made it easier and cheaper to produce papasan chairs, so there are new looks for the furniture market, and they are both appealing and affordable. Students headed off to college will be happy to have papasan moon chairs in their dorm room, especially since they aren’t very expensive.

If you fancy a papasan moon chair for yourself, you can find new versions in store inventory online or locally, or you can check out consignment sales or estate sales in your area. They are also sometimes seen on ebay and Craigslist, if you’re looking for a specific color or pattern. Even garage sales may have papasan chairs, but look them over carefully before you buy, to make sure they are in good condition. Papasan chairs are easy to transport, since you can take the fabric off the frame, to make it easier to fit in your car.

Before you buy papasan bowl chair, check out the amount of space available wherever you will be using them. Especially in dorm rooms, space is at a premium, so don’t buy more chairs than the room can comfortably hold. Just a chair or two will probably be all you can fit in the average dorm room, but that will be enough for your child and his room-mate to relax in.

Papasan chairs can take a boring room and make it more exciting and eye-appealing. You can let your guests relax in comfort in these types of chairs, and they will surely enjoy the stylish look and feel. Be sure that you remove the chair fabric and clean it, if the tag on the bottom says you can do this without harming the fabric. This can keep your papasan moon chairs looking as good as new for many years.

If you can’t find papasan chairs locally, you can usually find stores online that stock them. You may be surprised at the availability of different colors. You can check out the various styles of the papasan moon chair online, and choose from many different selections.


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