Papasan Chair – You’ll Be Over the Moon for These Chairs

solid twill double papasan chair cushion in cofee

The papasan chair is also called the moon or dish chair, and it has been a very popular chair for people who are furnishing their apartments, dorms or other living areas. These chairs sometimes have rattan frames, although some are made from metal, and they have a removable cushion. Papasan chairs are a favorite because they’re adjustable and comfortable, and they make a great place to lie around while watching TV or hanging out with friends.

The popularity of papasan chairs over the years has led to an ability of current fans to pick them up at consignment and vintage stores for reasonable prices. Even if you decide to buy new, they aren’t that expensive, and you can sometimes find new papasan chairs for under $200. You can find these chairs online as well, but be sure to take into account the shipping fees, because these chairs can be rather heavy to ship. You can usually find replacement cushions that are handy if you have or buy a used frame but want a softer cushion or one with a different pattern.

Experts have found that when you start furnishing an area, you should keep five things in mind. These are sleeping comfort, sitting and socializing comfort, snack and study use and sanitizing ease. Make a list of chairs that serve these purposes, and check out each potential furniture addition with these points in mind. Chairs will only be one part of your total furnishing expense.

After you have decided what you need for your living space, go ahead and shop. You may be able to use some hand-me-down items from family or friends that they are planning to get rid of. This will save you money when searching out a papasan chair or other style of furniture. Free items from family are great, and you can finish them in whatever way pleases you. You can also shop at discount and consignment stores for chairs, futons, tables, lamps and bed frames without blowing your checking account.

If you’re decorating on a budget, a compromise may be needed. There may be some pieces of furniture that you can’t afford, so you can make use of used items until you have the money for what you really want. Select a couple pieces that are very appealing to you, and build the rest of your living space around them, as your budget permits. Pier 1 papasan chairs may fit into your furnishing budget.

Papasan chairs are an excellent choice for your first living place, since they are comfortable and durable at the same time. They don’t cost a fortune, either, which is helpful. You can change the papasan chairs cushions or buy papasan chairs covers if you don’t like the pattern, or if the original cushion isn’t supportive enough. Double papasan chairs are versatile, and a comfortable place to hang out with friends. You can even find baby papasan chairs for a family nursery.

A mamasan chair is related to papasan chairs, with the shape of a bowl, and an angle that is adjustable, like a futon. The bowl sits within an upright frame that may be made of wood, wicker or rattan. There are rattan papasan chairs similar to these all around the world, but the papasan was introduced in the United States, back in the 1950’s. Its popularity increased in the 1970’s, and papasan chairs are still a favorite vintage chair today. You can even find a folding papasan chair to take camping.


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