Best Papasan Chair Cushions

papasan chair cushion in red

Papasan chairs, originating in Eastern Asia in the 1950s, are relatively small and extremely comfortable chairs that can be used to easily decorate your indoor and outdoor spaces. They add a touch of beauty and style to any setting and are usually paired with a traditional sofa or couch.

Papasan chairs go by many names – moon chairs, satellite chairs, saucer chairs, or just plain round chairs. Whether you’d like a Papasan chair for curling up to read a book, gaming with friends or watching your favorite movie, the cushion and design of the papasan chair are the two most important things to keep in mind.

The papasan chair’s cushion is a key ingredient in ensuring maximum comfort. Having a cushion that is comfortable, stylish and made of quality material will ensure the longevity of your papasan chair.

Unlike most chairs, the cushion can be purchased separately from the frame, and they can be swapped out for other styles, materials and colors depending on your preference. Just be sure to choose a cushion with matching dimensions of your papasan (or mamasan) chair.

There are many cushions available in a number of shapes and sizes to pair with your papasan chair so let’s take a look at some of the best papasan cushions available, as reviewed by editors and users worldwide.

Best Papasan Chair Cushions

Cotton Craft Round Overstuffed Papasan Chair Cushion

cotton papasan chair
chair not included

This papasan chair cushion is available in a number of different colors so that it can be matched perfectly according to your design preferences. This cushion is made to fit a 45” papasan chair frame.

One popular option is the Blue Peacock colorway that will instantly brighten up any room. It will maintain its vibrant colors without fading so long as you keep it indoors.

Its made with a soft and durable cotton duck fabric and is filled with polyester. And it’s thick! About 4 to 5 inches thick; perfect for providing ultimate comfortability.

It’s also easy to spot clean, but its obviously not machine washable.

All in all, an extremely comfortable, and elegant cushion that is a popular option for 45” single papasan chairs.

Blazing Needles Solid Twill Papasan Chair Cushion

This is another papasan cushion that is made to be paired with a round papasan chair. It is also available in a number of colors, but importantly, it’s available in a number of different sizes as well – small, medium, and large, or more specifically:

  • 44″ x 6″ x 44″
  • 48″ x 6″ x 48″
  • 52″ x 6″ x 52″

Be sure to match the cushion size with your papasan chair frame for optimal comfort and fit.

We love the emerald, violet and black colors as they blend in nicely in any setting. But the sheer number of sizes and colorways available make this a flexible cushion that is sure to satisfy the requirements of any home designer.

As for the cushions’ material, its made of a soft, thick and sturdy 100% polyester that will provide comfort for any gaming, book reading or napping session. You’ll be dreaming in no time!

It provides ideal support for those with back or neck pain as well, given its softness and thickness.

The cushion is also easy to maintain and keep clean with any household cleaner should you happen to stain it.

What’s more, it comes at a reasonably affordable price and is the smartest buy for your home!

(See it now here for more color & style options)

Double Papasan Cushions

Microsuede Double Papasan Chair Cushion

solid microsuede double papasan chair cushion
cushion only – chair not included

This is a cushion made to fit a double papasan chair frame. It is from the well known brand Blazing Needles.

Its material is comprised of acrylic and polyester and it has an oval shape that is designed to fit perfectly over the double papasan chair frame.

Its also available in a number of different colors from green and red, to black, blue, and brown. Whether you’re seeking something bright to liven up a room, or a more subdued color to blend in and set the mood, you should have several different color options from which to choose.

As for comfort, no complaints. It’s a heavy 17 pound cushion that is thick yet soft so that you’ll sink in to your chair without getting too deep as the cushion provides adequate support.

Microsuede is a relative newcomer to the world of fabrics but users love it for its waterproof and easy to clean fibers. In short, it can take a beating from you or the kids and still look good for many years to come.

Solid Twill Double Papasan Chair Cushion

solid twill double papasan chair cushion in coffee color
cushion only

This is another papasan cushion that is meant to fit a double papasan chair. Perfect for you and your loved one, or you and the pet. Or perhaps that’s the same thing?

Either way, you’ll be super comfortable as you will be surrounded by a thick and soft cushion filled with 100% polyester.

The only real difference is the material used: till vs microsuede. Twill essentially has a different weave style and is also durable and fairly easy to clean so it really comes down to a matter of personal preference as these double papasan style cushions are similarly priced.

Twill Swivel Rocker Chair Papasan Cushion

rocker chair cushion
cushion only

This is a chair cushion meant to be cover a swivel rocker chair style papasan frame. These are definitely some of the higher end papasan chairs given their added flexibility.

Be sure to check the dimensions carefully as this cushion measures 48” X 24.”

It is made with a beautiful, thick and comfortable twill fabric that will provide maximum durability, while providing a soft and supportive lounging experience.

Hopefully, you found a cushion on this list that will match your papasan chair.  Whether you want to replace an existing cushion or simply experiment with new colors, these papasan cushions should help elevate any indoor style while providing superior comfort for you and all your guests.



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