Folding Papasan Chairs

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When you think of the big satellite-dish shaped papasan chair, it may be hard to imagine that there is also a folding papasan chair available. These chairs have round frames that hold a comfortable cushion inside, and they may be made from metal, plastic or rattan. The folding models are usually made of metal, so that they can be easily stowed away when not needed.

Though they were originally made in the 1970’s, folding papasan chairs have come back to be quite popular now. They began their comeback in the 1990’s, and their various styles appeal to many buyers.

The rattan frames may be the most popular, and they look great in cabins or beach homes. Some of these chairs have adjustable backrests, but this isn’t available on all styles. Rattan frames will normally not be able to adjust, due to the way they are made.

Sometimes you will find papasan frames for sale, without their cushions. It’s not altogether a bad idea; since you can find cushions that you like a lot, to place within the frames. Papasan ottomans can also be purchased, with or without cushions, so that you can put your feet up while you relax.

You can’t really use the folding frame without the cushion, but you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble finding suitable cushions if you buy chairs that only have the frames. In fact, you can even make cushions and cushion covers for your folding papasan chair, in whatever colors will go with the theme of your rooms.

Some people have found that the cheaper styles of papasan chairs don’t hold up as well as they might like. Rattan, especially, does not respond well to rough-housing or horse-play. Your active children, or someone who weighs too much for the chair, can result in a frame that is broken. Most people just replace the whole folding chair if it breaks, since repairs may be costly.

If you buy papasan chair, with materials in the frame that are durable and sturdy, you will find that they will probably last longer than less expensive styles.

The collapsible folding papasan chairs are not very expensive, and you can find them at many of the large discount stores who have a supply of home furnishings.

They are especially popular in dorm rooms, because they are so comfortable for reading and studying, yet easy to stow away when you’re not using them. Family rooms and children’s bed rooms are also great places for folding papasan chairs.

A close relative of papasan chairs is the lesser known mamasan chair, some of which are roomy enough for two people to sit together comfortably. Sometimes these are referred to as papasan love seats or double papasan chair.

They are a bit more difficult to come by, and since they’re bigger, they may also be more expensive. Check out local sales in your area, as well as flea markets, auctions and estate sales. You can even find a junior kids folding papasan chair, which is smaller, and will fit your kids easily.

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