Best Outdoor Papasan Chairs


Who doesn’t love Papasan chairs? These are super comfortable chairs made of a vine-like small rattan bamboo base that supports a larger frame with a thick round cushion.

These are the perfect chairs for lounging in or out of the home and a select few papasan chairs can even be used outdoors alongside your patio furniture as the cushions and frames are designed to withstand the elements.

The cushions are replaceable, about 5 inches thick, and typically made of a water-resistant fabric such as polyester.

There are many options for indoor papasan and mamasan (double cushioned) chairs, but your options are pretty limited if you need an outdoor papasan chair, mainly due to the fact that most cushions aren’t waterproof.  

Let’s take a look at our favorite picks for outdoor papasan chairs.

Kambree Outdoor Papasan Chair with Reversible Cushion

Kambree Outdoor Papasan Chair with Reversible Cushion

The Kambree Papasan Chair is specifically designed to be used outdoors as its cushion is made of single-woven resin wicker. It’s also reversible!

The 6-inch thick resin wicker papasan cushion is very comfortable and waterproof so it won’t get ruined by rain, sleet, snow, hoses, dog saliva, pool water, kid’s water guns etc…

If you have existing patio furniture with cushions, you may already have felt this material and know that it is built to withstand the elements. Again, the frame and cushion are designed to be durable and fade-proof.

Not to mention, the cushion looks great! The below pictured papasan cushion has a blue and yellow floral print that is sure to liven up any setting. But just in case you want a more subdued color, the cushion is reversible and has a cool solid blue color on the other side.

As for its dimensions, it measures 38.2W x 33D x 36.22H in, wide enough to comfortably fit you and your favorite book while relaxing in the veranda, patio or poolside.

Although this chair only has a few reviews on Amazon, this is most likely due to a couple of reasons:

  • Brand recognition: Kambree is a relatively unknown name in the papasan chair space. You’ll constantly hear the brand Blazing Needle as they dominate the market.
  • Outdoor use of Papasan chairs is fairly limited. Most people use them indoors and don’t need a waterproof cushion. Or they purchase a standard indoor Papasan chair, and then later realize they want to move it outside, they buy a waterproof outdoor cushion to replace their existing one (see below for a few options)

Honorable Mentions:

International Caravan Bali Papasan Chair

International Caravan Bali Papasan Chair with Indoor/Outdoor Cushion

International Caravan Maui Papasan Chair

International Caravan Maui Papasan Chair with Indoor/Outdoor Cushion Luxury Azure


Types of Papasan Chairs

  • A single seat papasan chair and cushion can be used for your favorite room or hallway.
  • A mamasan cushion should be used for a double papasan chair frame for use in your garden or outdoor patio. The mamasan cushions are wider and oblong shape to fit the increased chair frame of a double papasan.
  • Hanging chair – Finally these hanging papasan chairs are a bit trickier to setup as they require a rope to properly setup, but they can be a joy for kids and adults alike once installed properly.

We’ve included a list below of the waterproof cushions available for single and double papasan chairs below. We hope you see something you like. Cheers!

Outdoor (waterproof) Papasan & Mamasan Chair Cushions

Outdoor Spun Polyester Papasan Cushion (52″)

Blazing Needles Solid Outdoor Spun Polyester Papasan Cushion, 52"
cushion only – chair frame is NOT included

Outdoor Spun Polyester Double Papasan Cushion (65″ x 48″)

Blazing Needles Solid Outdoor Spun Polyester Double Papasan Cushion, 65" x 48", Aqua Blue
double papasan cushion only – chair frame is NOT included

Buying Guide for Papasan Chairs

A few things to keep in mind when choosing a Papasan (or mamasan chair)

Durability: Papasan chairs are only really made up of a pedestal, frame and chair cushion. The materials used, however, play a part in how durable your chair will be over the long term.

Traditional papasan chair frames are typically made of rattan (a bamboo-like vine), wood, or even steel in some cases. Importantly, the cushion should be waterproof if your chair’s going to be exposed to the outdoor elements.

Size: There are two types of papasan chairs – single papasan chairs and double papasan chairs (also called mamasan chairs). Do you want a single chair or a papasan couch that can fit two people?

To add to the confusion, within each of these two categories, there are 2-3 different size dimensions as well. Be sure to match up your cushion with the right sized chair frame.


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